My Home Tour: The Bedroom

This is the room (and the view of San Francisco out the windows) that made me fall in love with my apartment. Designing it has always seemed like what I imagine dressing a supermodel is like  -- you could put her in a brown paper bag, and it probably wouldn't look that bad. 

Six Ways To Improve Your Rental Room

One of my childhood hobbies was waiting until no one was looking and then moving half the furniture across the room for a fort. The other hobby was endlessly rearranging all my dollhouse furniture. My idea of a good time hasn't really changed.

How I Pick A Perfect Paint Color

There are a million guides on the internet to helping you pick a paint color. If you're a patient, detail-oriented person you can buy a ton of paint samples, paint swatches on your walls, consider your light and exposure, and look at the swatches at different times of the day. But that's not how I do it.

How To Keep Your Security Deposit As A Renter

In cities like San Francisco with strict rent control,  people to stay in their apartments a long time. IMO life is too short to look at gross rental walls, but several people asked me how I installed these shelves as a renter. So here is my philosophy on making changes as a renter.

How To Get Anything You Want From Craigslist

My best Craigslist find is the salmon pink couch I bought for $75 (not a typo), sight unseen from an estate sale in Martinez, CA. I had to look up Martinez on Google Maps and take a leap of faith, but It's now one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house. 

How I Designed Wall-Mounted Shelving With IKEA

Last week I decided to swap out the gallery wall in my bedroom for something less busy and cluttered, and seven days later, I have a whole new look happening. It was one of the easiest and most inexpensive projects I've finished to date, and would be really easy for anyone to recreate.