Five Ways You Should Be Using Pinterest For Home Design

Five Ways You Should Be Using Pinterest For Home Design

You might think Pinterest is just for DIY crafts and mason jars gone astray, but it's one of the most useful digital tools I use for designing my house.

I don't spend a ton of time just scrolling Pinterest and looking at images, because that's a surefire way to go down an internet rabbit hole. But here are the essential ways I use Pinterest that you should definitely try (that you might not have thought of):

1. Organize the internet

Screenshot 2017-09-23 09.45.45.png

The primary way I use Pinterest is to save and organize visual inspiration across the internet. I have Pinterest boards specifically for product categories (lighting, bedding, pillows, furniture, etc.) as well as inspiration photos (non-shoppable images of bedrooms, living rooms, etc.) 

Any time I see something I like, whether it's a beautiful lamp or an inspiring living room, I use either the Pinterest Chrome extension or the iPhone native share button to save that image to the corresponding board, even if I have no intention of buying it at the time. It literally takes two taps, and it's SO USEFUL when months later I'm shopping for lamps or designing a living room and looking for ideas.

It's like past Eliza was really looking out for future Eliza.

2. Targeted inspiration through search

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.06.47.png

Pinterest has low key amazing visual search capabilities. I'm currently re-designing my living room and have been feeling like forest green, grey, and white is a great color combo. I did a search for "forest green grey white living room," and the above search results gave me so many new ideas.

Not all of the photos are my style, but it seems to do an impressively good job surfacing photos relevant to my search, particularly for color or type of room (living room, bedroom, etc.)

For instance, here are the top results for "white linen living room natural":

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.10.21.png

And here's "Parisian velvet high ceilings modern":

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.11.50.png

I save anything I like to my boards, per the above, and reference it later.

3. Brainstorming hard-to-design solutions

This is related, but more specific, in that I use the search function to get ideas for solving problems I'm tackling. 

For instance, wondering what furniture to put in a bay window area? A quick search for "Bay window San Francisco living room" pulls up several good results:

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.16.22.png

Or, I've been thinking a brass wall sconce over my kitchen sink might look good, but I'm not sure how high above the sink on the wall it should be mounted. A quick search for "brass wall sconce over kitchen sink" brings up the below:

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.18.12.png

4. Picking Paint Colors

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.30.53.png

I wrote about this in my guide to picking paint colors, but Pinterest is essential for checking out what your paint color looks like in different rooms and settings, like the search for "Farrow and Ball Hague Blue," above. Particularly for popular colors, just search the paint color name and you'll be rewarded with photos of all kinds of rooms painted in your shade.

For instance, I'm considering painting my bathroom Farrow and Ball's "Downpipe," a really moody dark grey. A quick search for "Farrow and Ball Downpipe bathroom" confirmed for me that this would look amazing:

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.22.09.png

5. Finding similar products to buy

And finally, if you click on any individual pin on Pinterest, and then scroll down, the site shows "related images." And this is where you can strike gold. If you pinned a super expensive lamp on your lighting board, just tap on the image and check out related images to see if Target is selling something similar. 

For instance, here's a wall sconce from Urban Outfitters that I re-pinned:

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.28.10.png

And here's the range of options presented when you scroll down for related images:

Screenshot 2017-09-23 10.28.00.png

So many good options here, from a $20 Ikea lamp to a $533 standing lamp, all within the same design range of the original pin.

Hopefully some of these tips gave you ideas! You can follow me (and my thousands of pins) on Pinterest here.

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