Airbnb Design Crush: Copenhagen

Airbnb Design Crush: Copenhagen

I'm heading to Scandinavia next week for vacation, spending time in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and parts of Norway. I can't wait to eat smørrebrød, step in the Kusama exhibit at the Louisiana, and walk up the spiral ramp at Rundetaarn. But mainly, because I'm me, I'm delighted to stay in Airbnbs.

Research says the anticipation of planning a trip makes people just as happy as actually taking the trip. And that's definitely true for me. I love browsing Airbnb listings in remote cities (even ones I don't have immediate plans to visit), just to gather design inspiration. 

That said, not every city has stellar Airbnb offerings, so I was particularly delighted by the listings available in Copenhagen. I shouldn't be surprised -- this city is known for its design -- but they really are so good.

Even if you're not planning a trip to Copenhagen any time soon, I wanted to share the most beautiful ones I found! 

These pink walls: 

Copenhagen black glass wall.jpg
copenhagen leather vintage.jpg

Now I really need a ceramic bust in the living room: 

Copenhagen art.jpg


copenhagen blue couch.jpg

Extremely inspired by this clothes rack situation:

copenhagen clothes rack.jpg

I'm extremely curious if these white floors look clean -- they're so pretty: 


Damn, this white mod couch is so cool: 

copenhagen white couch.jpg

Is it weird to say this kitchen below reminds me a little of my kitchen table?

copenhagen kitchen table.jpg
copenhagen turquoise couch.jpg

Ohhh but these bookshelves might be even better?

copenhagen bookshelves.jpg

I wonder if I could buy leather chairs like this and fit them in my suitcase?

leather chairs.jpg

The light in this one is so good!

copenhagen green couch.jpg

If you have recommendations for design-focused things to do and see in Copenhagen, please leave them in the comments! 

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