13 Ikea Products I Couldn't Live Without

13 Ikea Products I Couldn't Live Without

Whenever people talk about aging out of Ikea, or being too old to shop at Ikea, it drives me nuts. Sure, the in-person shopping experience can be harrowing (key tips: shop online, or go late on a weeknight). But no one is too old for excellent design at affordable prices, and shopping at Ikea doesn't mean your house will look like a dorm room.

You just have to know where to look -- the key is sticking to quality basics. Skip the poorly-upholstered couches, brightly identifiable prints, and (most) particleboard furniture, and look instead to the 13 items below. These are my tried and true favs, the pieces people compliment and you get to say, "Oh this? It's just Ikea."

This list is not sponsored by Ikea, but I wish it was.

1. RIBBA picture frame ($19.99)

If I could only buy one thing from Ikea ever again, it would be the Ribba picture frame. Almost every piece of art in my house is framed in a Ribba. I love the squared-off, modern shape of the frame. I love that it comes with a thick mat that you can use or not. I love that it comes in a large size (up to 24x35) that's perfect for posters and large-scale art.

In an ideal world you would get expensive or valuable artwork professionally framed, but sometimes adding $150 to the pricetag of art (already itself not cheap), can feel overwhelming sometimes. So I love that the Ribba makes investing in art feel affordable and accessible.

ikea ribba frame.JPG
9.15.17 Eliza Bedroom Tour-7.jpg

2. FJADRAR euro sham feather insert ($9.99)

A 26"x26" feather pillow for $10 is amazing -- this size is referred to as a euro pillow or a euro sham. This is a no-brainer purchase. I have them on my living room couch and on my bed, and a couple extras in my closet for guests who visit. If you like your pillows fuller, you can put two inside a pillowcase. 

Sadly Ikea doesn't sell many pillowcases online, and I don't love most of the ones they do sell in the store in this particular size. But this purple/grey linen cover is pretty, or you can splurge for these Parachute shams since you saved so much on the insert.

Ikea fjadrar.JPG
Eliza Kern Design Living Room Reveal-35.jpg

3. BONDIS clock ($19.99)

What can I say, I love analog clocks. I love knowing whether I'm running late without having to fish out my phone from somewhere. I also own the PUGG clock in my kitchen, but I love the all-black look of the BONDIS and the slightly oversized frame a little better.

Ikea Bondis clock.JPG

4. BEKVAM spice rack ($3.99)

I discovered these recently and they are fantastic. The wood is pretty IRL and they're deep enough to hold more than just spices. I paired them with these spice jars from Amazon and labeled them with my beloved labelmaker (I sung its praises in my gift guide) and alphabetized them because I'm a psycho. But now I don't have to rifle around the cabinets looking for spices anymore, so I'm happy.


5. ALGOT shelves (price varies)

I detailed my love for the Ikea ALGOT shelves here when I installed them in my bedroom, and my love hasn't diminished over time. I love how flexible the shelves are -- I've continued to move shelves around and re-configure over time. 

9.15.17 Eliza Bedroom Tour-23.jpg

6. KVISTBRO wire coffee table (59.99) 

This coffee table is fantastic because it's visually lightweight, perfect for small spaces where you don't to fill the room with a heavy piece of furniture. As a bonus, the top lifts off to store pillows or throw blankets inside.

Ikea kvisboro coffee table.JPG

7. MALM bed ($199)

While I love dreaming about a fancy, chic bedframe as much as the next person, I would personally rather spend my money on a comfortable mattress and beautiful bedding than the actual frame. Because realistically, it doesn't affect how well you sleep and you don't see very much of it under your bedding anyway. 

The Malm bed is sleek, unassuming, and just as stylish as beds 10X the price. And it saves you from the eyesore that is metal bedframes the mattress store sells you.


8. SINNERLIG ceiling light ($59.99)

I have this beautiful rattan ceiling light in my bedroom. It's verging on so-popular-it's-identifiable-Ikea, but for a good reason. It's visually impactful and of course, not very expensive. I love it.

9.15.17 Eliza Bedroom Tour-20.jpg

9. MELLTORP white dining table ($69.00)

I sung the praises of this basic white table in my kitchen tour, but it's truly just the best. Inexpensive, classic, and goes with absolutely any chair design. Plus, it's easy to wipe down and you can't leave water rings on it, unlike most wood tables.


10. NYPONROS striped duvet ($29.99)

I'm a huge fan of the Brooklinen Bedford striped sheets, but if you're looking for a less expensive striped duvet, this is a good one. I have the twin duvet and pillowcase for guests, but I always want to steal it for myself.

Ikea striped grey duvet.JPG

11. RITVA curtains ($34.99) and HUGAD curtain rod ($4.99)

You guys read about my blackout curtains DIY project here, so you know how much I love the Ritva + Hugad duo. These curtains come in a length of 118 inches for an unbeatable price, which is rare, and the HUGAD rod disappears completely.

White curtains final.JPG

12. TUVALIE striped throw blanket ($12.99)

I love stripes, and I love throw blankets. What's not to love?

Eliza Kern Design Living Room Reveal-25.jpg

13. LINBLOMMA duvet (price varies)

Okay this is not really a fair recommendation because Ikea sadly discontinued this amazing linen duvet. However, you can still find them on Amazon or eBay so I had to tell you about it. This is an excellent option if you love the feel of linen but not the pricetags at Parachute -- it gets much softer with age. Ikea, if you're reading this, please bring back the Linblomma! 

Ikea Linblomma.jpg
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