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13 Ikea Products I Couldn't Live Without

Whenever people talk about aging out of Ikea, or being too old to shop at Ikea, it drives me nuts. Sure, the in-person shopping experience can be harrowing (key tips: shop online, or go late on a weeknight). But no one is too old for excellent design at affordable prices, and shopping at Ikea doesn't mean your house will look like a dorm room.

My Home Tour: The Bedroom

This is the room (and the view of San Francisco out the windows) that made me fall in love with my apartment. Designing it has always seemed like what I imagine dressing a supermodel is like  -- you could put her in a brown paper bag, and it probably wouldn't look that bad. 

How I Designed Wall-Mounted Shelving With IKEA

Last week I decided to swap out the gallery wall in my bedroom for something less busy and cluttered, and seven days later, I have a whole new look happening. It was one of the easiest and most inexpensive projects I've finished to date, and would be really easy for anyone to recreate.